New Creation Church Sermon notes- Ps Joseph Prince.

3rd April 2016.
Sermon excerpt.
Title: Follow Jesus And Blessings Follow You.

One characteristic of Caleb that is admirable is that Caleb was obedient.
Caleb is the man that never grew old and at 50 yrs old he was sent among the spies to the promised land.
The rest feared but Caleb came out with faith.
He told the people to go at once into the land to possess it but the people did not believe.
Numbers 13:30
So they wondered 40 yrs in the desert, Caleb inclusive.
But Caleb’s heart was always in Canaan, in the land flowing with milk and honey.
Even we as believers, though we are on earth with everyone else, our hearts and minds should be in heaven.

Where there is no lack, no fatigue, no disease, no strife, no unrest, no bitterness.
My spirit must always be in heaven.
Psalm 91:1 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
The secret place is heaven, be heaven conscious then on earth you shall rest under His shadow.

See Jesus in your mind, in your heart, in your situation.
When lying symptoms come, tell yourself as Jesus is free from disease at the Father’s right hand, so I’m I.
Learn to rise!
Learn to fly like a bird.

We learn a lot from babies, we learn that life is a joy, not a burden. Because babies are always happy.
Pastor Prince loves being around babies.

Like 19:20-21
We enjoy what we don’t deserve because another took the punishment He did not deserve.
That’s why grace is grace.
Don’t believe in that karma stuff, always expect good.
Don’t be like the evil servant who thought the master was bad, yes He takes what He did not sow but we end up reaping much!!
Jesus took our sins that He did not sow so that we may receive grace that we don’t deserve.

Numbers 14:22-24
The bible says Caleb had a different spirit,in Hebrew that word means a following spirit.
Sheep follow the shepherd.
Psalm 23 If you follow Jesus the good shepherd, you shall not lack.
Jesus often said follow me more than any other thing.
But we always emphasize fear.
Jesus told the fishermen follow me!
Numbers 32;11-12
When you follow Jesus, you obey him.
After 45 years, Caleb was still strong and it was because he wholly followed the Lord.
The Lord emphasizes on a following spirit.
Joshua 21:20-22
John was following.
But to Peter who boasted of his love for the Lord, he said follow me.
John was conscious of the Lords love for him and was automatically following without being told do so.

When you look horizontally at what people are saying , doing and achieving, remember what Jesus told Peter,” what is it to you? Follow me!”

Just follow him and everything comes into place.

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