The one that run away.

The excitement I felt when you accepted my call….I danced around the throne room for my bride had returned. 

You are mine. We had lots of good times together…. We talked all day, laughed and had so many plans. I was at the center of all your plans, you consulted me on anything and everything.
Then great opposition arose on account of our love. I was sure you’d survive even when you doubted. I was your strength and comfort. I remember you crying night and day, the weight of the pain was so unbearable, yet I was there through every tear and every heartbreak. I kept you joyful despite the pain. You had stepped out in faith and you got hurt in the process. Questions pacing through your mind, “where are You lover?”, “the Philistines are here. I won’t survive this Lord. This hurts so bad Lord, take it away. Help me!” you begged me everyday.
I knew you were a brave warrior but I needed you to know too….so I walked beside you but was silent for a while. My Love was going to lead you. And it did. I let it happen so that your fait may be perfected.

You survived that storm and every other one. You are more than a conqueror.
Soon enough, you had outgrown your current routine and I knew it was time for something new. You had stopped learning and it was time to take off the training wheels. Once more your doubts resurfaced and this time Goliath appeared. He brought with him accusations and reminders of a past that I’d already erased and also forgotten. My blood washes whiter than snow. Louder and louder he yelled thoughts of fear and doubt. I was praying for you, I prayed your faith would not fail. I always pray for you.
At first you ignored him and his empty threats didn’t scare you. But then you started to entertain his visits and listen to his lies. Before long, you believed one of them, then two, then all of them. You felt dirty, guilty and filthy, “look away Lord, I’m so dirty”, you whispered to Me as I reached out to hug you.  “All I see is a pure bride!” I replied.
Slowly you drifted away. The shame of your past was too much. And suddenly you were falling back to old habits. You doubted everything. How was it that one minute you were happy and so full of faith, then suddenly you couldn’t even tell right from wrong.

I missed you, I missed our long talks, our laughs. My bride was running away from Me yet only I could save her. Then one day, you shut it all out. Everything. And Me:(

You quantified our love as merely a fragment of your imagination, a moment of weakness on your part. You stopped believing and were now committing adultery with all of my enemies. You blamed me for everything that would go wrong, yet didn’t even remember me when things were right. I didn’t give up on you, so I kept calling….”Come home love. Come home my bride”, I implored you.
I was no longer part of anything anymore. You amassed a fortune of perishable wealth and built yourself an empire. You called yourself “self made”. Further and further you went away, further into the darkness till the night you were face to face with death himself.

“Help me Lord. I loved you once. I sang in choir. I gave tithe. I followed you once. Help me Jesus!” you screamed with every fiber of your being.

And I showed up. Not because of your tithes or ever changing love or acts of charity. I showed up because I love you(present tense). My job description is your salvation, there is nothing I love more. I knew you’d come back. You are Mine.

“What happened Lord. You left me. Where have You been?”

I told you I was right here, just patiently waiting. Closer than conversation. Nearer than you can imagine. I am Jesus Christ, I’ve saved you. Now tell others my story. Tell them your story. The most beautiful love story ever told of a man who lays down His life for His bride. Listen only to my voice, do not entertain that prostitute Jezebel or you’ll fall right back into sin.

-Jesus Christ.

Revelation: 2. 18. “To the angel of the church in Thyatira write: These are the words of the Son of God, whose eyes are like blazing fire and whose feet are like burnished bronze. 19. I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first. 20. Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. 24. Now I say to the rest of you in Thyatira, to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned Satan’s so-called deep secrets, ‘I will not impose any other burden on you, 25. except to hold on to what you have until I come.’ –

Finally (She stopped apologizing for being her)


She learned to choose her battles well. Not every stone thrown at her deserves to see her cry, its okay to simply ignore it. Not every mountain deserves a climb, its fine if you walk around it.

Not every knife struck in her flesh deserved a drop of her blood😑
After endless fighting and nonstop explanations, she finally learned that its okay to let others down, because one simply can’t please everyone.

She realized that to love others well, she would have to learn to love herself a lot more and lean on Him who supplies Love.
She stopped apologizing for being her💖

She took in a deep breath, it felt good to be real🙌

Should I keep running?

I kept running away,

Akiane Kramarik


Don’t look at me, I’m too ashamed, I’m too dirty, I failed You again.

Further and further I ran into the unknown carrying my luggage that got heavier with each mile I ran.
Please don’t come close, look away from me for my garment is too stained😭

I covered my face in my hand and carried an extra bag of remorse and self hatred, my bags kept piling up and my shame only worsened.

Everywhere I ran, He was there. He was everywhere. He is everywhere. I can’t run from Him😨
“Where can I go from Your presence?”, I asked Him, “You are everywhere. Even the dark can’t keep You away. My shame can’t repel You, my sins aren’t driving You away”
I’m so dirty Lord….don’t look at me:(
And He stood there just looking at me, loving me as perfect as He always did. Clearly, He was determined to save me.
Should I keep running?

Battles Unfought

Through the rains

Out of the pains

In the face of fire

I rise higher
I pick up my crown

I drop that frown

Fighting like a warrior

I’m more than a conqueror
Failure makes me stronger

Opposition pushes me higher

Correction sharpens my sword

I may be young but my soul is old
I close my eyes and the vision is crystal clear

My hands tremble yet I don’t fear

I fall down but get back up

Through tears and sweat, I won’t give up
Further and further I strive towards my goal

Harder and harder I give it my all

Ever increasing progress, I don’t relent

With bruised tools and a thirsty tongue, I won’t  faint
You haven’t seen the last of me

I have not sang my best song

You haven’t seen the best of me

I’m invicible yet not strong
I haven’t laughed hard enough yet

He is taking me further beyond the shore

With the most perfect brush, on the canvas I watch Him paint 

He writes my story and with colors unseen paints my soul
I’ll rather die during battle than quit and gaze ahead wishing

Because the only regrets I’ll have are of horizons not touched, of mountains not climbed, of sights not seen and battles unfought.

Prophetic Art


Prophetic Art


Akiane Kramarik


She is.


Her fears melted,

Her prayers answered,

She always gets back up,

Just when you thought she couldn’t go on, beautifully He picked her up,
Her face bent down in prayer, her knees bended,

Her hope magnified, her lack faded,

She has no idea what wander awaits her this year,

But she’s sure to smile, laugh, dare, believe, seek and shed a tear,

His blood declared her righteous,

His Word calls her virtuous,

His death brought her redemption,

His love is her shield and communion,

She is to Him holy, blameless and beautiful,

His works are glorious, splendorous and wonderful,
He roars wildly, His love is fierce, His mercy outpouring,

Lion of the tribe of Judah, love so sacrificing,

His righteous right hand holds her firmly,

The future may be unknown but He sees clearly,

He created her for Himself, to share in the love story,

To worship and praise Him all day long,

A God who lays down His life for His creation,

Mercy that triumphs over judgment bringing eternal reconciliation,

Her gown was washed whiter than snow,

He paid it all and His hands and feet are receipts to show,

She’s a warrior Bride, she’s His beloved, she’s the Church, she’s His child,

He is God, He is love, He is good, He is merciful and His love is wild,

Wild wild wild for me💜 

~Bupe Chikumbi

24th Jan 2017.

New Years resolutions in pictures.

1. Be nice and more loving.

2. Learn to forgive.

3. Trust God completely.

I will be everything God intends for me to be.

Everything good lies outside the door of my fears. All I gotta do is, STEP OUT.

Be a VOICE. Stand up for something or fall for everything. I’ll stand with Christ.

It always draws us closer to God. Its a beautiful fear. Awe struck wander and splendorous bliss.

I always need Jesus Christ. Always.

Set healthy boundaries. Not brick walls. Don’t keep your heart locked away. Love is a beautiful risk.

Be you. Be happy. Be healthy and smile.

It gets better. I know its hard right now. But it does get better. Just don’t give in and don’t give up. If you don’t quit, you win.

Cheer yourself on when no one else does. You are worth it. God considers you a jewel. You go girl💪


When life down here gets too hard, just look up. He’s always there for you. Have an awesome New year girl🙌