Probably the most misunderstood, misrepresented man who walked this earth,

And yet without HIM, nothing can breath or birth.

So who is HE to me?


HE is magnificent.


HE is the exact representation of the invisible GOD, he represents GOD’s visible being,

Without HIM nothing was made that is called a thing,

HE sustains everything by the power of HIS word,

HE is my GOD ever-present and my aid.


HE is all together lovely.


HE is beautiful,

HE is faithful,

HE is trustworthy.


HE is irresistible.


HE healed me when I was sick,

Because HE is a GOD for the weak,

HE comforted me and wiped my tears when I was broken,

Whispering in my heart that I will never be forsaken.


HE  irresistible.


No one loves me like HE and I wait daily to hear HIS voice,

I wasn’t forced or blackmailed into loving HIM, HE is my choice.

HE loves me with an everlasting love,

HE is all I have.


HE is irresistible.


Who is JESUS?

Do you still wanna know?


HE is my GOD, my LORD, my friend and my KING!

HE is all those things because HE IS GOD.


And I am simply a lover of HIS presence.