Should I keep running?

I kept running away,

Akiane Kramarik


Don’t look at me, I’m too ashamed, I’m too dirty, I failed You again.

Further and further I ran into the unknown carrying my luggage that got heavier with each mile I ran.
Please don’t come close, look away from me for my garment is too stained😭

I covered my face in my hand and carried an extra bag of remorse and self hatred, my bags kept piling up and my shame only worsened.

Everywhere I ran, He was there. He was everywhere. He is everywhere. I can’t run from Him😨
“Where can I go from Your presence?”, I asked Him, “You are everywhere. Even the dark can’t keep You away. My shame can’t repel You, my sins aren’t driving You away”
I’m so dirty Lord….don’t look at me:(
And He stood there just looking at me, loving me as perfect as He always did. Clearly, He was determined to save me.
Should I keep running?

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