Battles Unfought

Through the rains

Out of the pains

In the face of fire

I rise higher
I pick up my crown

I drop that frown

Fighting like a warrior

I’m more than a conqueror
Failure makes me stronger

Opposition pushes me higher

Correction sharpens my sword

I may be young but my soul is old
I close my eyes and the vision is crystal clear

My hands tremble yet I don’t fear

I fall down but get back up

Through tears and sweat, I won’t give up
Further and further I strive towards my goal

Harder and harder I give it my all

Ever increasing progress, I don’t relent

With bruised tools and a thirsty tongue, I won’t  faint
You haven’t seen the last of me

I have not sang my best song

You haven’t seen the best of me

I’m invicible yet not strong
I haven’t laughed hard enough yet

He is taking me further beyond the shore

With the most perfect brush, on the canvas I watch Him paint 

He writes my story and with colors unseen paints my soul
I’ll rather die during battle than quit and gaze ahead wishing

Because the only regrets I’ll have are of horizons not touched, of mountains not climbed, of sights not seen and battles unfought.

Prophetic Art


Prophetic Art


Akiane Kramarik


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