She is.

Her fears melted,

Her prayers answered,

She always gets back up,

Just when you thought she couldn’t go on, beautifully He picked her up,
Her face bent down in prayer, her knees bended,

Her hope magnified, her lack faded,

She has no idea what wander awaits her this year,

But she’s sure to smile, laugh, dare, believe, seek and shed a tear,

His blood declared her righteous,

His Word calls her virtuous,

His death brought her redemption,

His love is her shield and communion,

She is to Him holy, blameless and beautiful,

His works are glorious, splendorous and wonderful,
He roars wildly, His love is fierce, His mercy outpouring,

Lion of the tribe of Judah, love so sacrificing,

His righteous right hand holds her firmly,

The future may be unknown but He sees clearly,

He created her for Himself, to share in the love story,

To worship and praise Him all day long,

A God who lays down His life for His creation,

Mercy that triumphs over judgment bringing eternal reconciliation,

Her gown was washed whiter than snow,

He paid it all and His hands and feet are receipts to show,

She’s a warrior Bride, she’s His beloved, she’s the Church, she’s His child,

He is God, He is love, He is good, He is merciful and His love is wild,

Wild wild wild for me💜 

~Bupe Chikumbi

24th Jan 2017.

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