Birthday blues or birthday joy?


Happy birthday.

Its my birthday nope! Just an ordinary day with my name tagging along,
I’ll be super happy if everything just fits perfectly, nope! Life is a beautiful imperfection,
See, its my birthday and I don’t feel so different than I felt yesterday, am I wrong?
Its a milestone day, I want cake, I want my friends around, I want, I need, I want, reality meets expectation,

So I read of this thing called birthday blues last time around, it made me sad, it made me more SELF aware,
I cried because I didn’t get the stuff I thought I deserved, I didn’t get the attention I desired,
After all, its the one day in the year that I should be selfish right? Its MY day, just making my claim clear?
People are panicking tryna make this as perfect and as cool as they can, they try till finally they are tired,

Its my birthday yes! But the burden placed on loved ones is too much to bear,
Yes its my day, but expecting others to lift my mood and erase years of pain, failed dreams, lost hopes and self esteem is just mean,
Have I taken advantage of this 24 hours to make others my slaves? Is it fair?
So I spent all year WANTING… What have I GIVEN? What’s the joy? The serving or the win?

I just realized if I’ll base my birthday success on what others can or can’t do for me, I’m screwed.
Because I’m powerless to what happens on the exterior, I’m unable to dictate the outside,
What if my birthday is my time to love more, to give more, to share more, I could?
What if today is the one day in this entire year that I show the world just why God created me, a day to let the joy within come outside?

Its my birthday yes! But I’m so happy, its my day, yes its mine.
I’m happy, I’m glad, I’m overjoyed I get to spend another year on earth,
I’m excited to do more, to be more and to let my light shine.
You won’t find me gloomy, you won’t find me expecting, you won’t find me demanding… Its all mirth.

For the first time, I feel I finally get it! Don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t panic,
This birthday girl is not seeking payback, I don’t want you feeling obliged or indebted to repay my birthday gift to you,
I’m dancing on the inside, somehow God found it worthy to add one more year…how cool? I wanna sing, pass the mic,
I’m humbled you’ve all taken the time to sing with me, to celebrate with me, to go out of your way. I love you.

Then we pass on this torch to generations following, we pass on our sick tradition and painful myth,
Somehow the garment of praise, the robe of humility, the joy in the Holy Spirit is true, except on a birthday?
We train them to be selfless, they should be more like Jesus, just not on the day of their birth,
We miss the point, remember the joy you brought to this world as a new born, do that today.

So today will be different, I put off that MASK of SELFISH, you won’t see me complain and whine,
I don’t want to be so self absorbed I miss out on the simplicities,
I take off this veil, I remove the I, I take away the ME, I erase the MY and the MINE,
Its my birthday and how I want to serve and love without expecting royalties

Somehow you and I have been deceived, we fell for our flesh, we fell in the pit,
Me me me me, is that really the way?
Defined their love on the quantity or quality of a gift?
If today be my day….then I’ll make it the happiest day!

Today is awesome! I get a new blessing upon my life, I wouldn’t want to miss this,
Today is great! Daddy God felt it fit to have me partake in this world,
Today is fantastic, a little girl was birthed into the world years ago to light it up with love, peace and heavenly bliss,
Happy birthday self… With love we paint this world.

Its my birthday, yes, but my joy is already complete in God.
Its my birthday, yes, all I want for today is more time to love, to give, to touch, to share, to bring Christ to you.
Happy birthday self, its been a great journey so far❤



Hey reader, if you loved reading this post. I’m pretty sure you’ll love this poem Without spot or wrinkle

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