Without Spot, without wrinkle.

Tinted windows, perfect lighting, clean clothes, big cars
Is that all?
Awesome vocals, memorized hymns, plastic smiles,
Is there more?
Stealing from widows, beating my sheep, divisions and quarrels,
Is there room for My Spirit for My Son?
You don’t believe in prophecy, you mock My healing, doubt My power,
Can’t you discern?


Bride of Christ.

Masked faces, pretend repentance , trying to earn My favor,
I’m waiting for that rope to snap.
Faking happy, fear of weakness, competing among yourselves, pleasing men?
If only you looked up.
Hurting orphans, wounded teens, exhausted men, barren women,
Don’t ask, “who?”
Routine services, condemnation, guilt, living in the sin cycle
I can do more for you.

Dear bride, what I offer is really easy, I say BELIEVE,
But you want to do.
I say my Son, My Son, Jesus Christ is enough,
Yet you prefer self too,
I say “the cross” on it hangs your cure, on it lay your healer,
But you yell, “what’s the catch?”
I hate sin, I hate sin…but I love you, I love you,
I offer you life, what I give has no match.
When you look at the cross, remember my mercy and judgment kissed,
On that pole, my goodness and wrath face to face.
The law’s demands paid, the sting of death disarmed,
You can call it AMAZING GRACE.

I don’t tolerate rivals, I don’t tolerate sin, I can’t stand lukewarm,
Yet I hate your self efforts, your personal righteousness- filthy rags,
I give you freely, salvation, righteousness and mercy…just come home,
I dwell in you, I give you the words to speak, you’re dead, Christ lives,
Everything to he that believes,
You wanna take a bath, but I say “I’ll wash you!!
You wanna merit my love, its priceless,
You want to live free of sin? Look to my Son,
Walk before me and be blameless.

As Moses lifted up the bronze serpent, so my Son gazes at you,
Those that look to Him live!
My grace is sufficient for you,
Don’t you believe?
I don’t place demands without supplying the grace for the execution,
I’m a good good Father, its who I am.
I punished Jesus Christ for your sins, just come home.
I’ll throw the biggest party…. I simply AM.

Get rid of that facade, the mask looks awful on you,
Come as you are my Bride,
Don’t be afraid, my rod and staff will comfort you,
Come out from the shadows, don’t hide,
Let my love wreck you, let my grace transform you,
I don’t condemn you, where are your accusers?
I forgive you, go and sin no more,
Forget your prosecutors, I’ll silence your oppressors,
You’ve been forgiven much, therefore, love much,
Feed my sheep, feed my sheep,
Don’t pretend around me, I know you better than you know you,
Hush now, don’t weep.

Workout your salvation because I work in you the will to please me,
Keep your garment without wrinkle or spot,
I’m coming soon, I’m coming soon!
I don’t tolerate rivals, I can’t stand sin, you are Mine, you were bought,
Clothe yourselves with holiness and humility,
My grace will teach you to do so,
I’m coming for a Bride without spot or wrinkle,
I’m not late or slow,
Be still, I am God…..I’ll never leave or forsake you,
In the meantime, love your neighbor,
You can love because I first loved you,
Love….it binds everything in perfect harmony❤

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