She changed.



Enough time wasted in fear, timidity, mediocrity, average and self pity
She stood taller, talked louder and didn’t need you to confirm her pretty
She took off the garment of naïve and clothed herself with confidence
She traded her doubt for hope, faith and patience
Life had taught her to pick up the broken pieces and rebuild her castle
She was sure her future would gleam, sparkle and dazzle

She’s not the girl you all knew yesterday
They may look alike in some way
But this kind is revised and exemplified
She has changed!!!!

You won’t find her wiping tears or living in an era of past tenses
Take no offense, this version is here to stay…no pretenses
With a click to her step and a bounce in her walk
Her voice as soft as a dove yet mountains tremble at her mere talk
Watch her thrive, gaze as she will take it all
She is a fighter, she is bold, audacious and rises above standing tall

She’s not the same old thing you barked at yesterday
They may share body but her soul will leave you in shock and dismay
She has been remodeled and reconstructed
She has changed!!!!

She is building ten thousand new doors for all the rusty ones that shut in her face
She runs faster, writes unapologetically, what will stop her pace?
She’s not a conqueror, she’s something more, she’s more than a conqueror
Virtuous, inspirational, capable, victorious, she’s a warrior
Those stones you threw at her, those knives you struck her with
She’s built her castle and armed it with swordmen, guarding it above and beneath

She’s not the chicken that couldn’t fly yesterday
She may still have feathers but these are built to fly night and day
She has learned and no longer needs your seal stating approved
She has changed!

The regale colors are her accessories, she is clothed in purple
With determination and courage she rules because she is able
Her nose button like, her smile graceful, her mind persuaded
She strides towards the platform with a royal scepter in hand, the crowd enchanted
She walked through hell and lived to tell the tale
She marched on coals of fire and didn’t fail
That is her story and acclamation
It needs no further description.

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