Leap of Faith.

Dear self,


Let's do this🙌🙌🙌


God is my provider!!

Dear me in the future…
I’m sure you’ve got a smile on you right now.
Because you faced it all and didn’t bow.

I want us to read this post,God willing next year,
We shall look back at our achievements and say “yay!”
We shall get there with God by our side,
We can do all things with faith as our ride,

Be bold, be audacious, be tenacious!!
Push those limits, set the pace and be courageous!
You were created to bring heaven on earth,
To bring laughter, joy and mirth!


Should the box really exist?

You can’t be like them,
You can’t stop to aim!
You’re a striker!
You’re a Victor!

Yours is to subdue,
To rule!
Let the big God living on the inside of you show,
If you don’t step out in faith, how are they gonna know?

There is light outside that tunnel…the sun rays await
There is freedom beyond those chains… just don’t faint.
The birds are chirping way up that tree…. you won’t see them with your eyes to the ground.
A great destiny lies ahead of you…you’ll get there so long as you don’t turn around.


We are getting rid of this box!


I see it!
I feel it!
I smell!

Its the sound of victory.
Time to change this story.
Stop saying sorry.

Shrinking to fit in is a low blow.
Rising to inspire is a higher form🙌
Let your light shine and glow.
Let your words touch and reform.

You’re doing the world a huge favor!!
Rise up lioness… Take hold of your crown and devour.


Leap of faith

hey reader!!! If you enjoyed this poem…I’m sure you’ll love this too💪👇
I told them I would make it, but nobody believed me!

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