In that dark of night💗




In that dark of night,
I was lingering about with no might,
Watching the walls draw in on me,
Lord, if this is death, let it be!

I watched my life dim and go awry,
The stench of death drew nigh,
Closer and closer these walls pushed inside,
I shut my eyes for I knew the fate that lay at my side,

In the dark of the night,
With no weapon for the fight,
I cried out with my voice,
The closer the walls got, the louder my rejoice,

But those walls kept at it,
My life flashed before me…this was it,
I saw it laid before me, naked and bare,
I was at my most fragile and vulnerable yet I didn’t care,

My entire life’s journey in that dark night so grey,
What took me years was presented in an instant, less than a day,
More than the anguish of the grave, bewildering was the film’s version edited,
Yes it was me, but who had erased my sins? My accounts were reconciled,

Everything was passed through The filter, they called it the cross..crucifixion,
It was as though He kept no record of my malfunction,
I heard the voice of the One they called, “THE RESURRECTION”
He was shouting and screaming my vindication,

“Their sins and lawless deeds I will remember no more, ” He repeated.
“She is mine forever more,”He said with a fire in His tone, it was heated!
“Loose your grip on her now!”
“I paid her debt, let her go now!”



“She believed on Me, she called unto Me,”
“She’s a new creation, she is free!”
“Her debt was paid by the blood that washes forever,”
Those spectating chanted, “death where is your victory? she will live forever!!”

Suddenly the ground began to shake and bricks on those walls came crushing downward,
My soul was sent in a motion upward,
And my fears melted off like butter on a sunny day,
The moon fell to its knees, the sun had no ray,

I knew  His voice, I’d followed it for years,
I knew Him, He was my King since my youth when His fire set me ablaze,
He is my God and He is here to redeem,
Love is His name…I know Him!

In that dark of night,
Like an eagle I took my upward flight!!



Scripture References: Hebrews 8:7-13,  Hebrews 10.

hey reader!!! I’m very sure you’ll love this piece as well No brain, but really big heart.

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