She’s hurt, she’s broken, who will save her?
She’s been running for too long, but to how far?
They’ve taken away everything, what will she hold on to now?
They’ve stripped her gown, they have stained her garment.. How?

They’ve damped their baggage on her body,
They’ve left her alone, without anybody.

She was innocent, she was naïve, she lived in her bubble,
They should have left her alone, but they made her world crumble.
Her bubble could not keep her safe, it popped at their mere touch,
She couldn’t cry, she couldn’t mourn, should she lament…she was no match.

But she was just a victim, she did nothing,
Yet they took away her everything.
They trespassed her heart, they infiltrated her calm.
They had no mercy, they were far too generous in their cruelty.

But what did she do?


Molly Matyola.


She just happened to be present. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Who should have kept her safe? They watched from a distance and said nothing..mime?
Who could save her? What was she to do?
Will she trust him too?

Then He stepped in.
The air around bowed to Him.
Everything shrunk and went thin.
He commanded worship from the outside and from within.
He didn’t say a thing, He stood and just gazed.
He didn’t need to speak, His eyes were a fire.
She was amazed.
He captured her soul and taught it to sail further.
He was not like them.
He couldn’t.
His name they  proclaimed.
Lots of creatures, counting them? I couldn’t.

He was not to blame. He was here to save.
Here to wash her gown that had been blemished.
He took nothing but His all he gave.
He took her broken glass pieces and her gown tarnished.
Piece by piece He picked them up.
Bleeding as he dug in to pick the next glass.
He kept at it for hours, never giving up.
He was invited in, He doesn’t trespass.

At last she can smile,
Its been a while,
But it was worth every mile.


Molly Matyola.

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