The lovesick bride.

Are you sleeping my darling?
Or are thoughts of me lingering?
I pray for you daily,
And wait patiently for you yearly,
I see you with closed eyes,
These things I make known to Abba with cries.


Stand tall newlyweds.

Twenty years of waiting for you,
But you are worth each second of the wait,
Make haste and get your woman of virtue,
Though she waits for you, she does not faint,
With bowed knees she prays,
Petitioning to Him who holds her days,
But yet on her is a calm,
Unwavering she knows her groom will come.

She has kept her gown unblemished,
At the alter she stands in earnest anticipation,
With closed eyes she speaks to Him who cried, “It is finished!”
But the masses are clueless as they stand and gaze at the celebration.


Unblemished gown.

One in spirit, one in body,
Before God they have been joined,
Who dares to separate? – Nobody!
People marvel because they have gained,
They are more than lovers, more than spouse,
Because through them lives shall be changed,
On them the Lord shall build His house,
Together they shall see the songs of revival birthed.

Stand tall newly weds,
Listen as the voice of doubt fades,
You are divine and admired by others,
Your love is sweeter than honey and brighter than all colors.

With these few words I say to you husband,
I love you so much, man who put a ring on my hand,
I love you so much, man who embellished my heart,
You are real, true and not a feeling in my gut,
Keep searching, keep looking, because another is your pavior,
I’m right here hidden at the feet of my Savior.

Soon enough you’ll behold me,
I too wait for thee,
I hope in God because in Him I live, I move, I breath and have my entire being,
And one day soon enough, together we shall sing and make merry to our King.


One day, together, we shall sing and make merry to our King.

~Your lovesick wife ~

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