Together, forever, always!

I’m in love I say,
I’m head over heels…thinking of Him all day,
Yet I wouldn’t have it any other way,
I loved Him yesterday,
And I love Him more today,
At His feet I’ll rest someday,

I’m in love I shout,
He is all I think about,
Its stronger than doubt,
Its higher than a mount,
I can’t get out,
Its not religion but yet I’m devout,


Margaret Kabanda.

I see Him in everything
He has given me something,
Its that which I desired.. You know that thing?
Only He satisfies – He is the Onething,
Without Him I have nothing,
He is to me God, lover, friend and King,

I don’t remember a moment when He has been absent,
I hear His blood speaking, its crying out and saying she’s innocent,
I don’t want to go to that place where my Lover is not present,
I can smell His sweet fragrance, I know His scent,
He is taking me higher and higher, its a beautiful ascent,
Our love isn’t something new, we are lovers of ancient,

Take me to that place,
Make me gaze at the beauty of  Your face,
Hold me in Your sweet embrace,
Flood me with Your grace,
Drown me in Your tender caress,
And I shall never stress,

You have won my heart, and now it beats only for You,
Together, forever, always♥

Hey there, thanks so much for stopping by!!!
For more cool poetry, check this out You are beautiful.
But mommy you chose this man.
Fixed Gaze.

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