Don’t You care Lord?



Don't You care Lord?

Don’t You care Lord?
They’ve all left me Lord!
I run to Him with tears streaming down my cheeks,
I had carried this burden way too long..not days but weeks!

I’m all alone sweet Jesus,
Its just me but You said it should be us,
Don’t You care Lord?

Don’t You?

Twice He called me by name,
And this is why I will never be the same,
With such loving words He calmed me,
Martha, Martha, He said with such a burning love for me,

Why so downcast?
You are not an outcast,
Why so worried child?
You’ve been found,

I do care my love,
I do care, O you whose eyes are like a dove,
You are the apple of my eye,
Hush now, don’t cry!

Only one thing is needed my beautiful,
Choose that which is wonderful,
Find the treasure hidden at my feet,
Come now and sit,

I do care child,
I left the 99 till you were found!
Don’t worry,
Cast-don’t carry,

Martha, my darling Martha…I love you my darling!

Bible reference Luke 10:38-41

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