Fixed gaze.

I knew I was a rose but somehow God had me grow with the weeds,
         Yet I bloomed!
I knew I was smart even when nobody believed me,
          So I excelled!
I knew I was a gem but nonetheless I was handled like a pebble,
            Yet I sparkled!
I knew I was loud even when they kept hushing my voice,
             So I screamed!
I knew I could walk despite tripping over and over ,
            Yet I ran!
I knew I was an eagle though I was raised among the chickens,
             So I flew!
I knew I was a lion even when they thought they had me tamed,
             Yet I roared!
I knew I was a seed although they buried me,
              So I sprang up!
I knew I was light but they placed me in the darkness,
             Yet I lit up!
I knew I was a fire although they thought they quenched me,
              So I burnt them!
I bloomed, I excelled, I sparkled, I screamed, I ran, I flew, I roared, I sprang up, I lit up, I burnt them!!!

It wasn’t because I was smart, tact, swift, modest, wise, lucky, strong, brave, wild, adventurous, able..
I did all that because despite my misconceptions or your belittlement..
I kept a fixed gaze on the man Christ Jesus!


By Bupe Chikumbi.

What have you done in a rough time? Leave your answer in the comment section.

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