But for Him.

                                                     I press on
                                                     I hold on
                                                    I smile still
                                        But its not for the thrill

                                                   I work harder
                                               I sing a bit louder
                                          Unlike you I stand taller
                                But its not because I’m stronger

                                                   I keep writing
                                        On my knees I fall praying
                          I rise up after facing the disappointing
                                             I may look daunting

                                                You think I’m brave
                                You  are persuaded that I never rave
                                              You want me to save
                                                But I’m just a knave

                                                      You ask if I cry
                                        You want to know if I ask why
                     Because you don’t know that I quit even before a try
                                                   But yet you see me fly

                                             So what makes me special?
                                             What’s the sass in my facial?
                         Why act like an emerald when I’m just a pebble?
                           But for that ONE person I would be like several

                                          His love imparts on me worth
                                           In His presence there is mirth
                                  So yes I’ll dance like heaven is on earth
                                       But for Him I would stink of death!!


It would all collapse but for Him.

                                          It would all collapse but for Him
                                      Night would last forever but for Him
                                           My life would be empty and dim
But for Him
                                                      And it’s why I live for

Know more about Him? Check this out Love is

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