Ashamed, broken, bruised and defiled,
I was headed for destruction with no way out,
Deep down I hated this, I knew it wasn’t right,
But I was trapped, I had been chained way too long to even fight,



It was normal, it was me, this was reality,
I was covered in so much filth, so far from beauty,
At first I would cry but not anymore,
I remember feeling hurt, but that was before,

Trading my body and soul for cheap change,
Sex for money-  a lousy exchange,
I sought after refuge but found none,
I had so many friends but yet so alone,

Yuck!! Who could stand the sight of me?

They were all the same-  the teacher, the doctor, the lawyer, the engineer and even the pastor,
Evil and cruel men and my body was all they were after!!
All men were bad, this wasn’t a biased statement but my fact!
I knew all their ways and could see beyond their good act,

I hated them all!!

My dad who raped me!
My cousin who molested me!
My boyfriend who beat me!
My uncles who defiled me!



And after my pastor impregnated me… That was the final blow into my downward spiral,
I despised my boss who sold me to online sites and gained his income when I went viral,
They all looked at me and only saw their object of pleasure,
I was not human, not beautiful, not a soul but simply a toy for their leisure,

Yuck!! Who could stand the sight of me?

So I gave up on fighting and let them do as they pleased,
Eventually my pride reduced while my shame increased,
I began to enjoy and love the way they treated me,
I looked forward to the times they abused me,

It felt good, it felt right, I was addicted to the pain,
It was my only counsel to my life of vain,
It meant I was human , intended and not mere coincidence,
The pain was my identity and evidence to my existence,

Yuck!! Who could stand the sight of me?


“I am always with you, ” I heard Him whisper,
The five words that touched this stripper,
It was 4:30 in the morning on a Friday,
It was beautiful, such a blessed day,

After nearly dying from the beatings of an abusive client,
The voices in my head were hushed and so was that evil giant,
Ashamed, broken, bruised and defiled,
I met the ONE man who looked at me and smiled,
With those five words He changed my life,
They pierced my heart like a knife,



Amazing grace how sweet the sound,
I was lost but now I’m found,
He saved a wretch like me,
Was blind but now I see,
Grace-  undeserved, unmerited, unearned favor,
Paid for by the blood that washes forever,
LOVE visited and stayed at my home,
LOVE came and calmed my storm,

Sinner for Son..a divine exchange.


I love the Lord! Im addicted!

For more heartfelt poetry check this out God loves the gay, the muslim and the atheist. I’m christian and yes I love gay people too.

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