Rest in Peace Christina Grimmie

This is so sad!
I loved this girl!
So young, so full of life..
What a world!!!
I’m so torn..

You really don’t need to know someone personally to love them..
I loved this girl, to me she was more than a famous singer..
Firstly her voice had the ability to make me feel, to make me smile, to make me cry..
And for that, I’m grateful, thankful that you shared your amazing talent with us.
Her personality radiated, her light shone through the screen.
She was a fighter, a role model..a happy soul..very funny too😭😭
She was a warm quirky funny!! Such a big heart! So talented!
Wow!! She was talented!


Rest in peace.

I remember her from her YouTube covers.. As she sang titanium!!
I’m bullet proof, nothing to lose..
You shoot me down but I won’t in peace Grimmie!!

You were my favorite girl on the voice..your voice😍😍😍
Its sad, you had to die like that.. No one deserves to be shot in cold blood.

My Grimmie.. You’ve left your were here!!


Christina Grimmie

I cried, I’m were too young.. But deep down I know you’re probably in heaven, its where believers go!!! Its not where perfect people go but believers saved by His grace!

Our little voice in a small vessel…
The world is getting too dark!! Bride of Christ where are you?
This place is getting just makes sense that our light should shine brighter!!
Cause light shines brightest when its darkest🔥🔥🔥🔥
The world needs Jesus Christ!!


Rest in peace Grimmie!


Christina Grimmie RIP

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