Perfect love casts out all fear.


Lets praise Him just because He is good.

Welcome to my heart, I lay it before you naked and bare,
You’re walking in the streets of my greatest treasure,
I’m trusting you with my fears,
I’m honoring you with my feathers,
Now you have what keeps my wings flapping,
Be gentle as you handle that because I need it when flying,

I’m fragile,
But yet I smile.

I’m vulnerable,
Yet unconquerable,

I’m broken China and a molter,
However in the hands of my potter,

I’m shedding skin,
Don’t worry I’ll win,

There are days when I cry,
When  I’m too scared to even try,

Yet still my wings keep flapping,
When evening comes you’ll find me singing,

I sing of my pains,
I hum about my gains,

So today I have a new fear,
A new page to tear,

Nonetheless when morning comes,
I’m filled with heaven’s calm,

I’m at peace knowing its a new day,
He doesn’t fret about my yesterday,

His mercy is new every morning,
There is new joy to take away yesterday’s mourning,

So I dropped my crown yesterday,
So I got lost and strayed from the way,

It happens to the best of us,
That’s why He died for the worst of us,

But my mind is new today and I’ll keep my head up and will not fall,
His righteous right hand will lift me and make me stand tall,

I don’t have to be perfect or all put together in His presence,
He knows my depth and my purpose and essence,

I can just relax and be me,
I can cry and feel free,

I can vent because He listens,
He takes my filthy rags and whitens,

He won’t look at me while judging or throw the first stone,
He can, but He won’t.. That’s why He is my cornerstone,

They shouldn’t, but they do,
Because they are lost too,

They want to fix but end up breaking,
They desire to help but find themselves stumbling,

So when I’m with them I fake,
I try not to be real because I figure they can’t take,

They love me this way,
Its why they stay,

Look deeper and you’ll find me behind my smile,
Way behind my smile so it might take a while,

I think I fear mans judgment.

I’m scared that they will think less of me when they see real deep,
They might realize that they never truly loved me after digging through the heap,

They love the me I want them to know,
But can they stand the one I never show?

Behind my perfect smile, my unwavering faith, my strength…
You will find me, fragile, scared, ashamed and without wealth…

The me that Jesus Christ called His beloved,
The me who is broken and often unloved,

The me that caused Him to leave the ninety nine,
The me He calls “mine”,

You may not grant me a conversation,
But I cost heaven its best version,

I’m not mad at you don’t get me wrong,
But you’re no longer what I long,

He’s given me purpose and identity,
Though I look like a minority,

Im sure you’ve taken notice of my new skin,
Yep, I threw that old blemished wine skin,

Daddy God loves me,
He died for me,

I’m not perfect,
I’m not intact,

But so are you,
Yes, you!

Maybe it’s why the Holy Spirit comforts us,
He is called the wonderful counselor..O sweet Jesus!

I know God accepts me and loves me unconditionally,
Yet still its mans approval I seek continually,

And that’s why I fear,
I’m scared of what my ears will hear..

I’m not ready to see them whisper,
Knowing its my name they utter,

Because the truth is their words hurt,
Maybe they wouldn’t if I was inert,

But He gives me hope,
He stands by me so I cope,

I’ll remind myself next time that mans opinion means nothing,
It won’t get me happiness, peace or anything,

Its just opinion,
And next time I hear it I’ll just move on.

They love King David because he was the giant killer,
Yet I worship King Jesus Christ because He is my healer..
My strength and my never shaking pillar.



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