No Brain But A Really Big Heart.


Beyonce Knowles

Like any mother I dreamt of a beautiful child running around the park,
I saw him jumping and screaming – always leaving his mark,
I dreamt of family holidays, the movies, school plays and Christmas,
I saw him grow, graduate, marry and visit us,
I did all the right things before and after pregnancy,
My husband and I were excited when the doctor said he was bouncy,
We cried, we laughed, we hugged as we held our bundle of joy,
His big brown eyes, cute nose and tiny feet – he was our little boy,



But hours later our joy turned to fear and despair,
They told us he had no brain and wouldn’t fare,
He would never laugh or talk,
And certainly never walk,
We cried and grieved as we watched our dreams perish,
But one look into those big brown eyes and somehow all our fears vanished,



We knew he was intended and an act of divine orchestration,
God planned him before birth and loved him even before creation,
He didn’t need a brain to know we loved him,
And neither did we need one to love him,
We had love pouring out from inside our hearts and that’s what mattered,
God gave us a special child and we were flattered,



Less than a month and he would be gone they said,
He is special and would require special aid,
Soon enough he defeated the odds when he learned to smile,
We were amazed and in awe,
We went to the park, the zoo and the mall,
We laughed, played and enjoyed it all,
Month after month, he survived each day,
And day after day we would pray,

Science couldn’t explain his existence or ability to fight,
But we always knew he was sent by God to show us the light,
Two years later and his mission was complete,
He was gone and our lives will always be incomplete,
He had run his race and now he was gone,
He soldiered his way through life like a stone,

His smile and big brown eyes are forever engraved in my heart,
He had no brain but was blessed with a really big heart!
He is gone now…BUT HE LEFT HIS MARK!

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