Dad its your birthday!!!!!:):):)

Today is special because years ago God ordained that my daddy would come into this world!
He knew before He planned creation that you would be my daddy, our pillar and friend!

Dad you’re awesome!
From a tender age you have told me to love the Lord and to desire Jesus!
To seek after Him truly and not religiously and we thank you for leading us!
You are truly a man after Gods own heart💜
From infancy you’ve held my hand.



You were there when I wanted to quit!
When I was in the darkest pit!
While others mocked and judged,
You held my hand and encouraged!

Dad you’re awesome!
I could write a book and still have a million things to say,
You’re unique in heart and soul and awesome everyday!
You are truly as bible puts it, a second god.
Teaching me daily to love the Lord!


Baby me!

Dad you’re awesome!
I thank God daily for you with tears and not words!
I love you beyond  letters, sentences and words!
You are my pillar and our family rock.
God placed you to be king over his flock.
With kindness and humility you’ve raised us!
You chose a great woman to raise us!


My second gods.

Dad you’re awesome!
I guess the secret to your success is that you love the Lord!
In good and bad times I’ve seen you praise God!!!
May God bless you!
May God keep you!
May He satisfy you with long life.
May He cause His favor to increase in your life!

Blessed are you and I’ll treasure everything you’ve taught me even when I leave!
The Lord watches over those whose righteousness is Christ, this I now believe!!

You’re blessed Papa!
We love you!!!


Mi familia

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