Why I love my mummy (For Mothers Day)

So last night was pretty insanely cold!!! And i decided to jump into bed with my sisters ( for extra warmth).


Sister love!


My sister.

But who would have known that 6 hours of sleep could provide life lessons worth writing about and lessons that I’ll treasure in my heart forever..lol
I’ll share with you how and why my mummy is my HERO!!!!


Heaven's touch.

I was fast asleep when  I felt the moisture of her lips touch my face and  cheek.
I was awakened but decided to pretend sleep.


I was in that belly

My heart danced when you gently tucked us in and softly caressed our faces.
It was a cold cold night but you just stood guard for a minute staring at us with love and pride.


Unconditional love.

“Good night girls” I heard you whisper as you turned off the lights and went to bed!
But now my mind was awake so I stayed up thinking how sweet my mummy is.


Mbingila Elizabeth Chikumbi

But shockingly, an hour later you were back, bracing the cold to keep us warm!
Like a mother hen you marched into our room every other hour till finally it was dawn!

I love you mummy!!!!
And I wouldn’t change a thing.

For some reason God gave us you, the odds of that are one in a gazillion!!
And this is why my mummy is my HERO.

I love you more than words and more than life.
You’re my queen and my best friend.

A day lasts 24 hours but your love ?…that’s a lifetime!
So today as we celebrate this 24 hours called mothers day, I want you to know you’re the BEST mum!!



Share your amazing story of why you love your mummy

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