Mothers day without my mom.😭😭

Its mothers day but where is my light?
Where are you my flame ever burning bright?
Its mothers day, where are you mother?
My heart aches and I long to be another.



I see my friends smile and laugh,
I’m smiling too but only because I’m tough.
But deep down I know its mothers day and I’m reminded you’re not here,
The sorrow in my heart, what can cure?

O Lord give me grace
I need Your embrace

I miss you mummy, I long for your touch,
You were unique, who can match?
You were my guide and my strength,
My life and my first breath.

O Lord give me grace
Or at least just embrace

With every passing day I hear your voice less and less,
O my queen where are you? I’m stuck here so hopeless.
This sorrow- will it fade?
They see me smile but its all pretend.


Adele #pain

O Lord give me grace
Cover me in Your warm embrace

The stores are flooded with cards and messages,
But my world is dim because my book has lost its passages.
Who will love me like you did?
Who will smile at me when I’m in need?

O Lord give me grace
O sweet Jesus I need Your embrace

I thought I knew pain but this has shaken my belief,
The intensity and frequency, my new favorite word is grief.
Because it’s mother’s day but I’m all alone,
I yearn to cry but my tears are all gone.

O Lord give me grace
I need your embrace



I want to smile but yet I cry,
I’m trying to move on but still I ask why?
They said time heals all wounds, I guess they lied,
I’m trying to accept but my pain seems to be multiplied.

But I know I’ll get through this,
And it won’t be because of time.
Becuse truly only God is my strength, flame, light, guide and breath,
And He will restore the pain of this time.


Mothers Day Without My Mother

For assistance and support on how to deal with grief visit;

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