I’m Not A Fan Of Jesus Christ.



    Dear God,
                                      I am not a fan of your work
Because if I were, it would mean I’m simply an enthusiastic admirer
                                If I were, I’ve only heard about You
               If I were , chances are- I will never see You in person


                                     I don’t believe you are far and distant
               I don’t believe you are merely a fragment of my imagination

                                                         Dear God,
                                                      I’m not a fan


       And I don’t wanna be

And here is why:
Fans are merely admirers-  I’m not!
Fans don’t touch- I do!
Fans can only imagine-  but I  live it!
Fans just stare-  I look and behold!
Fans spectate-  I participate!
Fans dream-  I experience!
Fans always seek, but are never quenched-  I’ve tasted Your grace!

                                                           Dear God,
                                                    I’m not Your fan!
                                            Being a fan is hard work!!
                                           Its exhausting being a fan.
And here is why:
You so love me
You delight in me
You greatly love me
I am Your beloved
You don’t just like me, You love You
You are close and intimate
You are personal
Your Spirit abides in me

                                                      Dear God,
                          I’m  really not an enthusiastic admirer!
                       And I don’t need an autograph to feel your love
       If I were to choose I’d prefer to be called a Follower of Christ!

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