Marry such a man… ( I will know)


Bupe chikumbi

I will know I say,
Because My Love will show me the way,
Since He is the way,

And it won’t be because of empty words,
That bear a form of glory that soon fades,
It has nothing to do with health,
It is more than cheques and wealth.

Yet still I will know,
Because His Love will show,

My lover is strong,
And I know I am not wrong,
He is a man after Gods own heart,
And with that he will win my heart.

His strength is like that of Samson,
With wisdom from on high like Solomon,
Like Joseph my lover is meek,
But this doesn’t mean he is weak,
As obedient as Abraham,
Who will do him harm?
Like Matthias my lover is ever present,
Even when unnoticed he does not resent.

He is truly a man after Gods own heart,
And now he has my heart,

His love for the Lord reflects Paul,
But he is not a religious man like Saul,
As intelligent as Daniel,
The holy spirit rests on him like Ezekiel,
He is blessed like Noah,
Yet he does not doubt like Jonah.

Jacob’s determination drives his purpose,
In the midst of pain and accusation he has no response,
Because his only strength is the Lord God Almighty!
For our God is indeed mighty.

That’s why I will know,
For his love will show,
But for now I sow,
Waiting patiently as I grow.

His countenance is beautiful,
Like Joseph he is faithful,
And when trials arise- he walks on water,
But unlike Peter he will not faulter,
His love mirrors that of Christ,
So, like Hannah I pray and trust.

The Lord Himself will dwell in our house,
So when the enemy invades-He will arise!
Our home has blessings of Psalm 91,
And I am the substance of Proverbs 31.

Oh Lord help me submit to this man,
Because his love is like the Son of Man,
Oh! how my lovers lips exalt the Lord,
And now the Lord has made him my lord.
See how blessed our home is?
What manner of favor is this?

Indeed the Holy One has answered me,
Because like Hannah I prayed for thee,
You are he mentioned in Ephesians 5:25,
In the same way I am Proverbs 31:25.

I love you my lord,
Because you teach me to love the Lord!
You are truly the man of my dreams,
Like a tree planted by the streams!!

All you maidens stare not at my lover,
Because this man is my treasure.

The Holy One has truly blessed me,
Amen! Let it be!

Yes, I will know,
Because Love will show!!
But for now I sow, waiting patiently as I grow.

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                    By: Bupe Chikumbi.

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