A pornstars cry!!



To you staring at your screen,
And finding pleasure in the sound of my scream,

You are a bound prisoner because you are chained,
You’ve tried countless times to quit yet you failed!

You have a choice which I don’t!
You find joy while I hurt!
I am in perpetual pain,
But this seems to be your gain!

You see, this is not the real me,
I am enslaved and not free.
I was taken captive at age six,
And now my life  is just cheap sex!
Everyday I am  at risk.


It hurts, make it stop.

Just today I was raped by twelve  men and  five more await in the night!
My soul is empty, they have taken  away my will to fight!
I am filthy and worth nothing,
I am ashamed of my everything!
I hate myself!
I hate myself!

My nudity has been uncovered to all,
My profession is a disgrace and a fall,
This is not me,
I too have a plea!

To you staring at your screen in pleasure,
To you acting like you have found your treasure,
Please remember me at the other end,
I am a lost sheep that no one will tend.

I have no family- I am all alone,
I have no help, no strength or hope,
But somehow I still cope!

Given a chance I would choose to die,
Please don’t ask me why!
For I have suffered much,
My life has been so harsh!


Just a child

But you and I are slaves to the same master,
And its our lives that he is after!
Just like me, you are bound too,
Same master yet a different tool.

To you reading this right now- will you pray for me?
Would you call out to He?
I would have died but He rescued,
I would have perished but He preserved.

I don’t know why my rescue has been slow,
But maybe it was so you would know!

To you staring at your screen, before you judge me remember I’m only twelve years old,
Yet what a heavy heavy load!!!!



For more heart felt poetry that gets to your soul, click the link below
But mommy you chose this man..

To help save a child visit

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