Sometimes I hate being a woman.

Sometimes I hate being a woman,
I hate feeling less than human,
Like prey ready to be devoured by predators,
Constantly in fear of my oppressors.

I hate that my pain is often and intense,
Everyone using me for their personal gain,
Labelled an asset but treated like a liability,
Sometimes I hate being a woman,
When it means I am less than a man.

I hate the stares when I walk the streets,
It’s as if I were merely candy or sweets,
The whistling, the jeering and those thirsty eyes,
Robbing me of my innocence, Oh! My soul cries.

Do you now see why I hate being a woman?
Because it means I am not human,

All I desire is freedom,
Just to rise above the storm,
But I am not safe,
My oppressors are digging my grave,
My soul is crippled by fear
Night and day I hear you jeer,

You have turned me into your object of pleasure,
Even though Christ says I am a treasure,
Submit! Be humble! You shout!!
But is that really the way?

My walk, my talk, my thoughts, my opinions, my clothes,- wait!!
Will you decide that too?
Sometimes I hate being a woman,
Because I feel less than a man,
I hate my muscles for failing to fight for me,

But surely the Lord will fight for me,
He will defend my cause like a warrior,
You curse, yet He will bless,
Because when I am weak, He is my strength,
When I drown in my tears, He is breath,

Sometimes I hate being a woman,
But mostly I am proud to be an ambassador of the Son of Man!

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