My greatest mistake:

Was accepting to marry you,
It marked the beginning of my destruction,
My desperation was your satisfaction,
I was deluded by your manly impersonation,
I was fooled by your false affection,
And it led to my exhaustion.
Spending sleepless nights in lamentation,
Waiting daily for my contrition.

But the tribulation gave me an anticipation,
I looked to a future filled with compensation,
Hoping that someone would grant me restoration,
A life where I would never face oppression.

So I drew a map to a new destination,
I started dreaming of another dimension,
A place with no limitation.
Deciding to leave you is an elevation,

My life without you is filled with satisfaction,
Yet I’ve freed myself from detestation,
And I’m building a new foundation,
Because one day I’ll forget your defamation.

You are nothing but a past misconception,
But well, I’m out of that situation,
It hurts me to see others accept degradation,
My recommendation is that you talk to a relation,
Because you need a transformation,
Away from all the condemnation,
You have the final decision,
What’s your conclusion?

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I know why the caged bird sings.

For help regarding grief or loss;

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