In that dark of night💗




In that dark of night,
I was lingering about with no might,
Watching the walls draw in on me,
Lord, if this is death, let it be!

I watched my life dim and go awry,
The stench of death drew nigh,
Closer and closer these walls pushed inside,
I shut my eyes for I knew the fate that lay at my side,

In the dark of the night,
With no weapon for the fight,
I cried out with my voice,
The closer the walls got, the louder my rejoice,

But those walls kept at it,
My life flashed before me…this was it,
I saw it laid before me, naked and bare,
I was at my most fragile and vulnerable yet I didn’t care,

My entire life’s journey in that dark night so grey,
What took me years was presented in an instant, less than a day,
More than the anguish of the grave, bewildering was the film’s version edited,
Yes it was me, but who had erased my sins? My accounts were reconciled,

Everything was passed through The filter, they called it the cross..crucifixion,
It was as though He kept no record of my malfunction,
I heard the voice of the One they called, “THE RESURRECTION”
He was shouting and screaming my vindication,

“Their sins and lawless deeds I will remember no more, ” He repeated.
“She is mine forever more,”He said with a fire in His tone, it was heated!
“Loose your grip on her now!”
“I paid her debt, let her go now!”



“She believed on Me, she called unto Me,”
“She’s a new creation, she is free!”
“Her debt was paid by the blood that washes forever,”
Those spectating chanted, “death where is your victory? she will live forever!!”

Suddenly the ground began to shake and bricks on those walls came crushing downward,
My soul was sent in a motion upward,
And my fears melted off like butter on a sunny day,
The moon fell to its knees, the sun had no ray,

I knew  His voice, I’d followed it for years,
I knew Him, He was my King since my youth when His fire set me ablaze,
He is my God and He is here to redeem,
Love is His name…I know Him!

In that dark of night,
Like an eagle I took my upward flight!!



Scripture References: Hebrews 8:7-13,  Hebrews 10.


She’s hurt, she’s broken, who will save her?
She’s been running for too long, but to how far?
They’ve taken away everything, what will she hold on to now?
They’ve stripped her gown, they have stained her garment.. How?

They’ve damped their baggage on her body,
They’ve left her alone, without anybody.

She was innocent, she was naïve, she lived in her bubble,
They should have left her alone, but they made her world crumble.
Her bubble could not keep her safe, it popped at their mere touch,
She couldn’t cry, she couldn’t mourn, should she lament…she was no match.

But she was just a victim, she did nothing,
Yet they took away her everything.
They trespassed her heart, they infiltrated her calm.
They had no mercy, they were far too generous in their cruelty.

But what did she do?


Molly Matyola.


She just happened to be present. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Who should have kept her safe? They watched from a distance and said nothing..mime?
Who could save her? What was she to do?
Will she trust him too?

Then He stepped in.
The air around bowed to Him.
Everything shrunk and went thin.
He commanded worship from the outside and from within.
He didn’t say a thing, He stood and just gazed.
He didn’t need to speak, His eyes were a fire.
She was amazed.
He captured her soul and taught it to sail further.
He was not like them.
He couldn’t.
His name they  proclaimed.
Lots of creatures, counting them? I couldn’t.

He was not to blame. He was here to save.
Here to wash her gown that had been blemished.
He took nothing but His all he gave.
He took her broken glass pieces and her gown tarnished.
Piece by piece He picked them up.
Bleeding as he dug in to pick the next glass.
He kept at it for hours, never giving up.
He was invited in, He doesn’t trespass.

At last she can smile,
Its been a while,
But it was worth every mile.


Molly Matyola.

The lovesick bride.

Are you sleeping my darling?
Or are thoughts of me lingering?
I pray for you daily,
And wait patiently for you yearly,
I see you with closed eyes,
These things I make known to Abba with cries.


Stand tall newlyweds.

Twenty years of waiting for you,
But you are worth each second of the wait,
Make haste and get your woman of virtue,
Though she waits for you, she does not faint,
With bowed knees she prays,
Petitioning to Him who holds her days,
But yet on her is a calm,
Unwavering she knows her groom will come.

She has kept her gown unblemished,
At the alter she stands in earnest anticipation,
With closed eyes she speaks to Him who cried, “It is finished!”
But the masses are clueless as they stand and gaze at the celebration.


Unblemished gown.

One in spirit, one in body,
Before God they have been joined,
Who dares to separate? – Nobody!
People marvel because they have gained,
They are more than lovers, more than spouse,
Because through them lives shall be changed,
On them the Lord shall build His house,
Together they shall see the songs of revival birthed.

Stand tall newly weds,
Listen as the voice of doubt fades,
You are divine and admired by others,
Your love is sweeter than honey and brighter than all colors.

With these few words I say to you husband,
I love you so much, man who put a ring on my hand,
I love you so much, man who embellished my heart,
You are real, true and not a feeling in my gut,
Keep searching, keep looking, because another is your pavior,
I’m right here hidden at the feet of my Savior.

Soon enough you’ll behold me,
I too wait for thee,
I hope in God because in Him I live, I move, I breath and have my entire being,
And one day soon enough, together we shall sing and make merry to our King.


One day, together, we shall sing and make merry to our King.

~Your lovesick wife ~

Don’t You care Lord?



Don't You care Lord?

Don’t You care Lord?
They’ve all left me Lord!
I run to Him with tears streaming down my cheeks,
I had carried this burden way too long..not days but weeks!

I’m all alone sweet Jesus,
Its just me but You said it should be us,
Don’t You care Lord?

Don’t You?

Twice He called me by name,
And this is why I will never be the same,
With such loving words He calmed me,
Martha, Martha, He said with such a burning love for me,

Why so downcast?
You are not an outcast,
Why so worried child?
You’ve been found,

I do care my love,
I do care, O you whose eyes are like a dove,
You are the apple of my eye,
Hush now, don’t cry!

Only one thing is needed my beautiful,
Choose that which is wonderful,
Find the treasure hidden at my feet,
Come now and sit,

I do care child,
I left the 99 till you were found!
Don’t worry,
Cast-don’t carry,

Martha, my darling Martha…I love you my darling!

Bible reference Luke 10:38-41

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Together, forever, always!

I’m in love I say,
I’m head over heels…thinking of Him all day,
Yet I wouldn’t have it any other way,
I loved Him yesterday,
And I love Him more today,
At His feet I’ll rest someday,

I’m in love I shout,
He is all I think about,
Its stronger than doubt,
Its higher than a mount,
I can’t get out,
Its not religion but yet I’m devout,


Margaret Kabanda.

I see Him in everything
He has given me something,
Its that which I desired.. You know that thing?
Only He satisfies – He is the Onething,
Without Him I have nothing,
He is to me God, lover, friend and King,

I don’t remember a moment when He has been absent,
I hear His blood speaking, its crying out and saying she’s innocent,
I don’t want to go to that place where my Lover is not present,
I can smell His sweet fragrance, I know His scent,
He is taking me higher and higher, its a beautiful ascent,
Our love isn’t something new, we are lovers of ancient,

Take me to that place,
Make me gaze at the beauty of  Your face,
Hold me in Your sweet embrace,
Flood me with Your grace,
Drown me in Your tender caress,
And I shall never stress,

You have won my heart, and now it beats only for You,
Together, forever, always♥

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Fixed Gaze.

Fixed gaze.

I knew I was a rose but somehow God had me grow with the weeds,
         Yet I bloomed!
I knew I was smart even when nobody believed me,
          So I excelled!
I knew I was a gem but nonetheless I was handled like a pebble,
            Yet I sparkled!
I knew I was loud even when they kept hushing my voice,
             So I screamed!
I knew I could walk despite tripping over and over ,
            Yet I ran!
I knew I was an eagle though I was raised among the chickens,
             So I flew!
I knew I was a lion even when they thought they had me tamed,
             Yet I roared!
I knew I was a seed although they buried me,
              So I sprang up!
I knew I was light but they placed me in the darkness,
             Yet I lit up!
I knew I was a fire although they thought they quenched me,
              So I burnt them!
I bloomed, I excelled, I sparkled, I screamed, I ran, I flew, I roared, I sprang up, I lit up, I burnt them!!!

It wasn’t because I was smart, tact, swift, modest, wise, lucky, strong, brave, wild, adventurous, able..
I did all that because despite my misconceptions or your belittlement..
I kept a fixed gaze on the man Christ Jesus!


By Bupe Chikumbi.

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Seven days with the Lord.

Day one: My  first day with the Lord. I was a mess, so broken, so hurt, so fractured, so ruptured and deeply exhausted.
I needed a friend. I needed to feel loved by a companion who didn’t judge me.
The Lord was my shoulder to cry on. He hugged and kissed me. He vowed eternal love by His name. He said He would never leave nor forsake me.

I knew He meant it. He never lies. So I believed Him and started walking with Him.

Day two: I was learning to walk but still crawling. My knees were still weak. The past still bothered me. I wasn’t very confident in the Lord.
I read my first bible verse, “I love the Lord for He heard my voice, He heard my cry for mercy”.
Upon reading those words, I felt my knees gain strength. I felt a calm in my spirit. I could feel His presence all around me. Covering me like a blanket. He was lavishing me with His love and I soaked it in like a sponge.
That day, I walked. I walked with the Lord. He is my shield and fortress. My strong tower and ever present help.

No one could convince me otherwise, He was with me and I knew it.

Day three: I stumbled upon a stone and fell. But the Lord picked me up with his righteous right hand.
I fell yet again, but once more He raised me up. He looked at me and smiled.
A third, fourth and fifth time I still stumbled and on my knees I fell.
I thought He would rebuke me but He held me up and I stood firm.
I got angry at myself for falling short of His glory over and over again. But He looked at me and restored my soul with His loving gaze.
That evening I heard Him whisper, “It is well”.

I learnt that though I fall, with the Lord by my side. He’ll lift me up.

Day four: I started to notice that my inner circle had changed. The friends I thought would last forever were no more.
Somehow the Lord had separated me from them. I wanted to hold on. But each time I tried, it was like swallowing a bitter pill.
I knew why they left me. My new walk with God was too much for them to comprehend.
But the Lord was already a friend and ever present help. Though it hurt, I knew it was well.
Suddenly I stopped caring what man thought of me. I had Almighty God’s approval and it was enough. Such a great feeling. I felt my spirit leap to joy.

I swallowed that bitter pill with a smile whilst meditating on my verse and looking to my God.

Day five: Where are You Lord? Where are You friend? Where are You lover? Where are You King? Where are You companion? I can’t hear Your voice Daddy.
I searched for the Lord but could not find Him. I looked for my lover but He was no where.
The Lord was silent but I kept my joy. My heart was broken but I had my verse to keep me going.
I could not hear His voice but I had His word to keep me safe. I was tempted to despair but I couldn’t. I felt struck down but not destroyed.
It was strange but I knew He was there even when He seemed silent. I trusted Him with every fibre of my being.
I consciously decided to hold on!! I knelt down and prayed. I prayed to feel His heartbeat. I yearned and longed for my Lord.

He may seem far away. But He is ever present. Hold on!

Day six:  I prayed Lord, but You never answered. I trusted but You didn’t come through.
This hurts Lord. How will I survive this? Give me strength Lord.
I’m having a hard time understanding this, but You gave me Your word. I will trust You, even when it hurts. Even when its hard, even when it all just falls apart. I will run to You, cause I know that You are; lover of my soul and healer of my scars.
It was a rough day filled with disappointments and heartbreaks. I felt so much pain and rejection. But I trusted the Lord. I had surrendered my all to Him and was never going to turn back.
I cried myself to sleep and prayed for a better tomorrow. But the Lord directed His loving song at night.

You steady my heart. I will run to You even when all I see is black and pain.

Day seven:   His mercy was new every morning. His love endures forever. I woke up and I knew it wasn’t an ordinary day.
Thank you Lord!!!! Thank you for not answering all my prayers. This news is better. Thank you for cutting off my bad relationships, this would have never happened if I was still around them.
Thank you for writing an amazing love letter, thank you for the bible.
Today I just want to praise You and worship You. You are truly great in word and deed.
Your name be forever praised. I forgot all about the pains of yesterday. Just one word from my lover healed all my sorrows. When God delays,it is because He loves us. When He denies, it is because He has something better.

The Lord is true to His word. He is good just because He is good.

Bible references: Psalm 42:8, Psalm 116:1-2, 1 Corinthians 4:8-9, Hebrews 13:5-6, Psalm 37:24, Proverbs 24:16, Song of Songs 3.

Which day are you on?
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